OJJU Korean Food, Get In Line.


Rate: 3.5/5. Costs around IDR 150.000

I bet you guys already know about this happening place in Jakarta. Yes! Ojju Korean Food.

You can find it in Grand Indonesia, Kemang Village, Kota Kasablanka and Gandaria City.

So let’s get this started!

This Korean restaurant is established under GF Culinary Group, same like Fish & CoMarutama Ramen, Tajima Yakiniku, and Altitude in 2016. Ojju’s specialties are Ribs/Chicken Rolled in Cheese and the famous Budae Jjigae.

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Singapore Wander (Part 3): Strolling Around Day #2… and A Little Bit of Day #3, I guess.

Hello there again!

Okay, day #2 in Singapore. So, I made an itinerary before going to Singapore, but that didn’t worked. Sometimes, when you go somewhere with 4 or more of your squad, you know, too many haha hihi and your trip plan doesn’t end up based on your itinerary. I planned to visit Chinatown, Bugis Street, Haji Lane and Clarke Quay, but then again, I have to wholeheartedly accept that I can only come to Bugis Street and Haji Lane on that day. It was April 1st 2017 and I already got plan to go to National Stadium for Coldplay at 3pm local time.

So, let’s begin with Bugis Street. It was such a heavenly place to find and buy affordable stuffs. They have so many kiosks there and you can find almost everything. Clothes, chocolates, keychain and other handicraft, street foods and etcetera. If you’re willing to buy souvenirs for your family and friends, this place is definitely the right place (well, you can also go to Mustafa Centre too, but Bugis Street has more stuffs to offer to you).


This place opens from 9am to 5pm only. You better go there earlier if you don’t want to be in that crowd, it’s getting more crowded in the afternoon. It is pretty much like what we call “pasar tumpah” in Indonesia, located in a small alleyway, but the different is they have official stalls.

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Singapore Wander (Part 2): Strolling Around Day #1

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – Unknown.

Yup, indeed!

Some of you maybe have already experienced on traveling more than I am. And maybe you guys have set your foot in Singapore too many times, but for me, that was my very first time.

So, let this newbie begin her story.


It started on November 2016 that I heard the news about Coldplay coming to Singapore. After a long conversation with my boyfriend, we decided to watch their performance there. After having our concert tix, etc, etc and saving our salary for about 4 months (sigh, I mean I love to travel, but I was never set aside any penny to accomodate my traveling)… There we were in Singapore!

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Singapore Wander (Part 1): Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams Tour


This is the first time ever I blog on WordPress since previously I’m already having an account on Tumblr. I decided to move here and I guess WordPress is more fun.

And let me begin with my first post about my trip to Singapore on March 2017 and yup! This is my first time ever going abroad. Me and my boyfriend decided to watch Coldplay Live in Concert #AHFODTour since we are the big fans of.

After a very exhausting effort to get the concert tickets (sigh, as you know, the tickets were sold out for about an hour, lucky me and lucky you to get even only one ticket), we finally going to Singapore, yeay!

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